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Resumes can be thought of as personal advertisements. And just as some advertisements work while others don’t, resumes too are only the subject of a recruiter’s attention for an average of six seconds before being tossed into the “something special” or “meh” pile. Just like it’s nothing short of a tragedy when a product with very valid selling points is assigned a klutzy, cringe-worthy advertisement, the last thing you want while writing your resume is to not convey your merits to employers who want to hear about them. While professional CV-writing services can charge around $400, many feel that something as personal as a resume is best written, well, personally. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t get a great job with a resume based on good advice and a common-sense, best-foot-forward approach.

Customize and Condense

The biggest mistake people make is to get 50 copies of a three-page resume and distribute them like fliers regardless of the position they’re applying for. If your CV is longer than a page, then the first thing you should do is to make a shorter, one-page version. Use different sized fonts, different line spacing, and parallel columns of text rather than lists to separate different categories of text. Achievements and awards are more attractive than the list of courses you took in college (which is often required for your first field-specific job), so compress the latter.

Of course, not all employers are the same. Some, perhaps the ones you want to work for, would want to know more about you, and would therefore prefer a two- or even three-page CV. Your best bet is to ask them whether they would like a concise resume or a slightly more detailed one.

Tailor your resumes to attract recruiters in the industry you’re applying in by incorporating industry-relevant keywords and phrases. These give your text a more polished look, show that you have at least some experience in that particular line of work, and sometimes save space. Consider, for example, replacing “pouring concrete in shuttering” with “concreting”. Don’t be afraid to talk to employees in the same industry or even company and ask about any buzzwords that you can use.

“ Advertise Yourself ” and Yet More Advice on Resume – Writing (Part 1)
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