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Tips to Keep Motivation Levels Up Leadership

Keeping employee motivation up is a challenge for most employers. Many employees are often unsatisfied with their job or not really enthusiastic about the work and they have their reasons for it. If you observe employee motivation dwindling at your office, you should follow the tips given below. Praise in Public, Criticize in Private This

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Top Skills of a Good Recruiter (Part 2) Uncategorized

Read on to know more about the skills that a good recruiter must possess in order to make critical hiring decisions: Resourcefulness It is important for recruiters to be resourceful. They should know which tools to use to reach out to a particular set of candidates. Many job positions require fresh blood and active minds

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Top Skills of a Good Recruiter (Part 1) Human Resources

Recruiters play an important role in an organization. They have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the various job positions and duties, and the type of person who would fit well within particular roles; within the company. However, this is not an easy task and recruiters have to face this challenge with good and sharp

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