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Important tips to manage a small business Employee Management, Human Resources, Team Work

“Time is money” and to earn money you must have time in your hand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small business started from a backyard or a multinational company, management of money is the most crucial aspect of a business. You might come up with a brilliant business strategy or a product but they

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How to have the best employees? Employee Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Team Work

Any organization can only function with a productive team of employees. Together they multiply your productivity, increase your profits, maintain efficiency. However, few under-performers can drag down your performance. To have the best employees you need to focus on the following points: Terminate the under-performers: Observe the employees who are unable to keep up with

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Resource Flow and Utilization Employee Management, Human Resources, Team Work

Resource Flow Utilization

Successful project management relies on understanding how limited resources, the entirety of which is often not available all at once, can be most efficiently used to complete a project. The inflow of these resources, their utilization, the way their utilization leads to further inflow and the possibility of the cessation or interruption of these resources,

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Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Corporate Team (Part 2) Employee Management, Leadership

Read on to know what mistakes managers commonly make while building a business team. Having No Distinct Goals Teams are built with specific goals in mind. They are built to achieve certain corporate targets. If managers build teams with no preset goals, they will end up creating an impractical team. Business teams are usually made,

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Mistakes to Avoid When Managing a Corporate Team Employee Management, Leadership

Managers must be really careful when managing a business team as their mistakes can have a deep impact on team performance. Here are some additional mistakes that they should avoid while leading a good business team. Aiming too High Regardless of the workload, managers must ensure that they do not overburden their employees. When making

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Stressed Employees – A Wake Up Call for Managers Employee Management, Leadership, Team Work

Employees are key drivers of an organization as their performance can have a huge impact on the productivity of a business. However, the competitive business scenario of today has overburdened employees with more work than they can handle. To top it off, the fast paced hectic lifestyle adds to the problem. The most common problems

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