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What Social Media Can Tell You about Your Company (Part 2) Social Media

Continuing from part 1, here are some more things you can learn about your company. Perks Your employees are just as important as your customers. It is obvious that you cannot function without them, which is why you should probably work on why a portion of them are not satisfied with what they are getting.

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What Social Media can Tell You About Your Company (Part 1) Social Media

If you are managing a company, chances are that you’ve read dozens of articles on how you can attract customers by using social media. Whether they’re workshops, Facebook pages or blogs, advice is available everywhere on how you can get a bigger consumer base for your company just by updating your pages, taking feedback and

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Tips to Make Your Online Training Course Effective Social Media

Go and put a thick fat training manual in front of your employees and see how much they are able to read and retain it. Even if your employees do force themselves to read the manual, they will be hardly able to retain anything from it. Today, online training courses are gaining immense popularity due

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