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Low Cost Workplace Reward Ideas (Part 1) Uncategorized

Rewards play an important role in organizations. Not only are they key drivers of productivity and performance, they also promote a healthier and positive work environment. However, many managers do not reward their employees as much as they should. According to a recent research by the Aberdeen Group, only 14% of organizations give their managers

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Top Skills of a Good Recruiter (Part 2) Uncategorized

Read on to know more about the skills that a good recruiter must possess in order to make critical hiring decisions: Resourcefulness It is important for recruiters to be resourceful. They should know which tools to use to reach out to a particular set of candidates. Many job positions require fresh blood and active minds

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Types of Team Building Activities (Part 1) Uncategorized

Team building activities are an important constituent of the workplace. They allow employees become comfortable and feel at ease in the environment, and help them bond together at a social and intellectual level. Such activities always serve a purpose. They are quite effective when used and help to achieve certain workplace goals as well. This

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