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They Are Open to Continuous Learning

Capable employees with a “plug-and-play” efficiency display a great affinity for learning. If candidates are willing to adapt and learn more, despite having a background education or experience, it is a sign that they will soon become independent employees who support the rest of the team. Of course, post-employment orientation and training are essential, but if candidates are happy to retrain in order to better fit their role, you can expect quick-learners who will need minimum investment of the company’s time and money in their training.

They’ve Done Their Homework

These candidates will know what your company is all about, and exactly how they fit into it. They might tell you about any suggestions that they have for your marketing strategy or your website, or they will explain how they have chosen their academic courses, internships and activities in a way, so that their skill set is the most appropriate one for you.



Nothing beats an honest, fearless and virtuous candidate. Applicants may be smart, talented and work long hours, but if they have even the smallest propensity for unscrupulous activity, then you will want to know about it before it results in an embarrassing and costly incident for the company. Look for signs that can indicate if the candidate is okay with misdemeanors that are often taken for granted, like bribes and internet piracy. If they’re content with stealing from others, what’s there to stop them from doing it to a big company such as yours?


They Value Their Job

They need a job, but not necessarily yours. Candidates who will leave as soon as they get a better offer can leave companies hanging, especially smaller ones. You need employees who are willing to stay in spite of initial hesitation and knowledge of more lucrative positions. If candidates demonstrate that the job means a lot to them (such as walking to the office in case the car breaks down), you can count on them to stay long-term.

How To Look for Future Employees (Part 2)
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