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Read on for more great low cost reward ideas.

Happy Notes
You can slip in notes of appreciation to let your employee know that their hard work is not going unnoticed. Slip a note with a compliment or an appreciative comment in a file that an employee is going to review or stick it on their desk so that it can surprise them when they arrive at work. Little gestures of recognition go a long way. They have an overall positive effect on the organization on many levels.

A Gift
A personalized coffee mug or fancy stationery; are great low cost rewards for employees. If your team worked well on a project or an individual has continuously shown good performance, you can show them appreciation by getting them gifts they can use at the office.

Personalized mugs are a sweet way of telling employees how much they are valued. You can get them mugs with statements printed on them like “Good Performer”. You can also get them fancy desk supplies like neon colored post-its, gel pens or pretty paper clips. Even small and inexpensive gifts work well to let them know that they are appreciated.

Surprise Time Off
Hard working employees that are dedicated to their job and hardly take any days off need to know how much their dedication is appreciated by the organization. Managers can give such employees an early off after a major project has been completed or a full day off to let them rest and enjoy some personal time.

Gift Certificates
Good employees can be rewarded with gift certificates or restaurant vouchers as well. Who doesn’t like to shop for themselves? If an employee has been saving up to buy a designer dress, a gift certificate of that store will be a wonderful way to recognize them for their hard work.

It is not always necessary to reward employees with cash or expensive items. If an organization has a limited budget, they can find inexpensive alternatives of rewarding their employees and recognizing their performance.

Low Cost Workplace Reward Ideas (Part 2)
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