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Corporate teams are vital to drive a company towards success. Thus, all team players should be able to work mutually to produce synergized results. This calls for the need to build effective teams. However, at times, managers intentionally or unintentionally err while forming a team, leading to long term corporate losses. Here are some common mistakes that managers make while making a team:

Assuming That All Employees are Equal

The biggest mistake managers make while designating teams is; assuming that everybody is equal. A team is made of people and people are not carbon-copies of one another. They have different personalities, different skill sets, varying learning curves and differing temperaments. Making a team with this assumption in mind is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Being Preferential

There may be some employees that are better than others. However, favoring certain employees over the others and having preferences towards certain people is quite de-motivating for the rest of the employees. Usually, team members who feel that managers prefer certain employees over them will be discouraged and will not be able to work as devotedly.

Being Subjective

Many managers let their personal feelings show, or tend to state their personal opinions in workplace situations. A good team leader or manager will always strive to be as objective as possible and will not allow any biases to alter their behavior or decisions at the workplace.

Not Delegating Enough Work

Being the team leader does not mean that you can do everything better than the others. That defeats the purpose of having a team in the first place. If you do not learn to have faith in the capabilities of other employees, you will never be able to trust them with work. It is essential to delegate work for business success.

To know about more common mistakes made by managers when building a team, read Part 2.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Corporate Team (Part 1)
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