What Social Media Can Tell You about Your Company (Part 2) Social Media

Continuing from part 1, here are some more things you can learn about your company.
Your employees are just as important as your customers. It is obvious that you cannot function without them, which is why you should probably work on why a portion of them are not satisfied with what they are getting. Most companies strive to provide their employee base with all the amenities they can possibly provide, so that they have a loyal employee base, but when other companies start to advertise their perks, they can poach your workforce away.
Most companies look out for any information online which might be relevant to their employees, and by doing see, try to amend any problems they could be having. For example, companies have worked on providing paternal leave for their employees after finding out that many fathers needed to take care of their newborn children at home. This kind of perk is very special, so knowing that your employees need it and then implementing it; is going to give you some very loyal workers.
When to grow
You might be satisfied with what you have. The profits are coming in, you’re working to provide people with optimum services and by doing so, are getting the right reputation, but then you get an inkling that a customer wishes you were more accessible. Social media can tell you when the customers are ready for more, which means that you are actually wanted by your clients.
Take an online real estate website, for instance. A customer living in another country might want to search for a property in the UK through their cell phone, but the lack of a full screen can be irritating, which is when they wish your website had a mobile app. An appropriate time of release for that app would actually give you a bigger client base as more people will want to access it if the real estate company has a good reputation.
These reasons are just a few which can help you understand your own company, and by doing so, can give you a way to benefit your customer and employee base through one portal.

What Social Media Can Tell You about Your Company (Part 2)
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