Team Building Activities to Improve Workplace Communication Team Work

Communication is a vital element for success. A competent workplace needs to have strong communication links within employees. Managers can organize certain team building activities to encourage better communication in the office.

Here are some crucial activities that managers can employ to improve communication amongst their staff.

Survival Scenario

This activity has two basic goals; improving communication and brushing up problem solving skills. Participants are given a survival scenario, such as being stranded on a sinking boat in the middle of the water or being trapped on an abandoned island. The members then have to discuss the entire scenario, imagining themselves in it.

The members are supposed to identify the issues they might face in the scenario and have to come up with possible solutions to solve them. All this is done through mutual discussion. Everyone is given a chance to offer their opinions and the viewpoints of all the members are given equal importance.

This activity is best suitable for people who have problems opening up among people and encourages reserved personalities to speak up.

Story Circle

This is another activity that promotes better communication. It improves listening skills and encourages members to enhance their focus as well. The activity requires members to sit in a circle. One member is given the beginning of a story and is required to add a little to it, to continue the story. The members after them will each add their own part to continue the story. Finally, the story must end by the time it reaches the last member who will give a conclusion.

This activity probes all members to stay alert the entire time and focus carefully on each member’s portion to know exactly in which direction the story is heading. This improves employee focus as well.

Other than these, there are many other communication activities that managers can use as well, to enhance communication.

Team Building Activities to Improve Workplace Communication
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