The Role of Managers in Team Building (Part 2) Leadership, Team Work

Read on to know what role managers can play for a good team building experience at work.
Encourage Transparency
Teams work like families. They work together and fill in for each others’ shortcomings. They support each other in tough times and celebrate the good times together. Most of all, they share everything with each other; the joys, the sorrows, the problems, etc. If members in your team have problems with each other or don’t get along well, you have to take a stand and make sure they resolve their problems.
To avoid those awkward silences, have team members confront each other with the situation and talk it out calmly. Let them work out their problems and encourage complete transparency. When they see how keen you are on getting them to work together, they will try to solve their problems on their own and only involve you when needed.
Offer Incentives
Offer your subordinates incentives they can look forward to. Giving them a day off at the end of a huge project, a bonus in cash or kind, a flexible work schedule or an early off on a Friday before a long weekend can boost their motivation.
As everyone is motivated by different incentives, be flexible with the offerings and keep rotating the incentives so that everyone works with the same amount of zeal.
Be Supportive
The most important part of being a manager is to be there for your subordinates. Offer your complete support to your employees and guide them with utmost sincerity. Let them know that they can come to you for any kind of assistance. Make yourself approachable and easy to talk to so that employees can confide in you comfortably.
When your subordinates realize how dedicated you are to your work and how supportive you are of them, they will also work towards team building for better productivity.
These were only some of the many things that managers must do to optimize team building experiences at work.

The Role of Managers in Team Building (Part 2)
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