The Unconventional Guide on Motivating a Sales Team (Part 1) Sales, Team Work

Having an unmotivated sales team can mean disaster for your company or business. The sales team is responsible for making sure that your company stays at the top of the market, and if that doesn’t happen, then your business will suffer. Here are some key steps to how you can motivate a team into working more efficiently.

Be one with the team

You can’t sit around like you’re the king while your subjects work tirelessly to make others love you. Rolling up those sleeves and diving into the project will not only make you feel like you are a part of the team, but by doing so, your team will feel like you value them enough to know what it’s like to be working in the trenches with the rest of them.

Mending the communication gap

The reality is that every person in a team considers failure to be a stigma, but by creating an open culture where you communicate well with the sales team, you will be keeping the lines open. You will understand what the struggles are, and how they might be taking risks to give their company more benefits.

Understand risks

Everyone has to fail at one point in their life in something, and by doing so, you will only be learning what you shouldn’t do the next time you work on it. Your sales team is a risk taker, because you can’t go through business by only repeating what others have already done. By letting them take those risks, you are only becoming more open with them, which in turn will give them incentive to impress you, and become more energetic and goal-oriented.

Energize them

You don’t need to watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ to know that if you are active enough to inspire your team and motivate them, they will do almost anything to impress you and get on your good side. Take the example of an office. Unless you’re working on a very low budget, your team will not want to come to work if the only things they see around them are the pale walls, hushed tones, the sounds of typing and the gentle sounds of the air conditioner. You need to wake them up to garner their interest.

That’s not all! For more effective tips, read Part 2.

The Unconventional Guide on Motivating a Sales Team (Part 1)
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