The Unconventional Guide on Motivating a Sales Team (Part 2) Leadership, Sales, Team Work

Continuing from part 1, here, we will discuss more tips on how you can motivate a sales team.
Competition is in the air
Competition is very tempting, especially if the end prize is enough to make people want to come out of their shells and work with the best of them. By making the sales of your company, a competing position, not only are you going to get more ideas but you are also going to have more people striving to be number one, which can only be good for you and your business.
A play on team sportsmanship
A healthy competition is acceptable, even if it is during an annual sports championship, which is held between various companies; but one thing you can do is provide different outlets as well. Sure; you can’t go wrong with a basketball hoop behind the office building, but by providing your team with perks such as gadgets, toys and games; it will not only be rewarding, but by doing so, you will be giving them something which will help them relax. Take a chance and get a pool table. Those 15 minutes away from all the hassle will relax your team and make them more compliant.
Going big on ‘good time’ celebrations
Nothing feels better than getting a ‘yes’ while conducting sales. When you’re leading a sales team, you are responsible for making people stand up and take notice of what you’re selling, which means that you will be hearing a lot of ‘no’s followed by a phone slamming down on you. By going big on the celebrations, such as giving a dinner feast, treating the team to a party on a boat, or even giving them a drink on the house, will be enough to make your team work harder for the next ‘yes’.
These simple steps may not seem like much, but workers in a sales team work hard to create an efficient system which supports the business. Through management and effort, it can only be beneficial to the company to make their employees actually love their jobs and their boss, while bringing in more sales .

The Unconventional Guide on Motivating a Sales Team (Part 2)
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