Tips to Keep Motivation Levels Up Leadership

Keeping employee motivation up is a challenge for most employers. Many employees are often unsatisfied with their job or not really enthusiastic about the work and they have their reasons for it. If you observe employee motivation dwindling at your office, you should follow the tips given below.
Praise in Public, Criticize in Private
This should be a key rule of thumb that all employers must strictly follow. It is important for an employer to understand that an oral bashing in public won’t get your employee to work harder or with more dedication. Instead, it will have an opposite effect. The employee will lose motivation and will perform even worse.
Employers must always ensure that when they have to give a positive feedback to their employees, they should do so in public. This will boost employee morale and make them feel better about themselves. On the other hand, any negative feedback should be given in private so that the employees take heed and try to improve upon their performance.
Appreciate the Entire Team
Most managers are well aware of the performance of each employee within a team. However, when praising, many managers make a blunder of appreciating only specific employees for their outclass performance.
All employers have different levels of energy and perform differently from each other. However, they do not deserve to be left out when recognition is being given. Praising only some members of the team will make the others feel dejected and will lower their motivation in the long run.
On the other hand, if all members of a team are equally praised and recognized for their efforts, not only will it enhance their self-esteem, it will also augment their motivation to perform better in the future.
Following these key tips will enhance employee motivation at the workplace and encourage employees to work more whole-heartedly.

Tips to Keep Motivation Levels Up
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