Tips to Make Your Online Training Course Effective Social Media

Go and put a thick fat training manual in front of your employees and see how much they are able to read and retain it. Even if your employees do force themselves to read the manual, they will be hardly able to retain anything from it.

Today, online training courses are gaining immense popularity due to their effectiveness in training employees and the ease with which they impart the necessary knowledge and skills needed to perform job duties.


In comparison to a boring manual, employees find online training courses to be much more interesting and effective learning tools. The training courses can be developed to be interactive and engaging for employees. You can add visual elements like pictures and videos to go along with text. Research shows that visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text.

Moreover, visual content is understood better and has a greater chance of being retained by employees. If you are trying to explain technical work details to your employees, add self-explanatory pictures to help them grasp the concept quickly.


A challenge keeps one on their toes. It helps to exercise the brain and keep it active. It would be a great idea to add some challenges within your eLearning course. Add a quiz or a puzzle at the end of each lesson to test what the employees have learnt until now and how much information they were able to retain.

Furthermore, small challenges will help to exercise the mind and compel your employees to apply the concepts that they learnt within the course. It will also give employees a chance to revise and recall the entire lesson.

Making online training course engaging, challenging and interactive will keep employees motivated and interested throughout the course. The chances of retention will be greater and the learning would be more effective as well.

Tips to Make Your Online Training Course Effective
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