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Read on to know more about the skills that a good recruiter must possess in order to make critical hiring decisions:


It is important for recruiters to be resourceful. They should know which tools to use to reach out to a particular set of candidates. Many job positions require fresh blood and active minds so recruiters reach out to graduate directories to get hold of the right candidates.

Alternatively, some jobs require people with experience in a particular industry. Hence, recruiters must know which avenue to take to find the right people for a particular job. Many recruiters use social media platforms or online business directories to reach out to potential candidates. One statistic states that 89% of recruiters hired employees using LinkedIn.

Communication Skills

Recruiters must be social and vocal, as their job is to interact with a variety of different people on a daily basis. They should know how to communicate with every individual. They cannot communicate with a 40 year old in the same way as they would communicate with a 25 year old.

It is important that the recruiters understand that every individual has a different intention when they apply for a job. Some do it for money while others do it for experience and yet there are others who just do it for better opportunities for networking and social interaction.

Neutral Approach

There is no place for biasness in recruitment. Recruiters have to keep a neutral attitude no matter what the circumstances. This is a fundamental skill for recruiters. Biasness towards particular candidates can lead to major recruiting failures. Recruiters must make sure that they do not favor particular candidates due to any reason whatsoever, and treat every individual candidate equally.

These are some of the most basic and crucial skills that all recruiters must possess in order to make informed and accurate decisions when hiring employees.

Top Skills of a Good Recruiter (Part 2)
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