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A sales team is the backbone of any business and a critical reason for its success. Your products/services will not sell on their own. For this, you need experienced people who will be able to convince others to buy your offering. Hence, building a competent and capable sales team is essential for business success. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you in building a competitive and expert sales team.

 Hire Carefully

You need the right people for this job and must have a clear profile of who you want to hire. Therefore, it is advisable to make a detailed and well thought-out job description for this position. Ask structural interview questions to test the competency of potential candidates and hire the people that closely match your profile description.

Induct & Train

Give your hired candidates a good introduction so that they can understand the company, its essence and culture, job tasks and what is expected of them. Induction will allow the candidate to settle in and adjust in the new environment more easily and quickly.

Training is key for good performance. It prepares a person to perform the job tasks expected of them, efficiently and capably. Invest well in training your sales team. It is important that employees take the training seriously in order to produce tremendous results.

Measure Activity

Success does not come without hard work. So, measure the activity of your employees on a regular basis, give them constructive feedback and help them to correct themselves and improve their work. Keep track of new appointments, cold calls, call backs and converted clients. Instead of fussing over unsatisfactory results, put more em

Useful Tips to Build a Competent Sales Team (Part 1)
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