What is Cloud CRM? CRM

Cloud CRMWhat is Cloud CRM?

A type of Software-as-a-Service, cloud-based CRM is a hosted solution that allows you to access data and information through the internet at any time, making it convenient and easy for all users. The cloud network is managed by a third-party vendor. It offers access to users via a web-based application like Google Chrome or even mobile apps.  Several users can log in to the cloud CRM at the same time, but it has defined access authorization levels across the company.  Cloud CRM has features that enable businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make everyday operations easier and more manageable.

Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has gained ground in the past few years, becoming the preferred choice over manual CRM. One of the appealing aspects of cloud CRM is that it allows your business and employees to have wider and quick access to your client database.

Having said this, as a business owner, it is essential to know about cloud CRM and make an informed decision based on your company’s needs rather than following the crowd.



How is it Different?

Some features that distinguish cloud CRM from manual CRM software include:


Probably the main reason why it is a suitable for small businesses or startups is that it is budget-friendly. Third-party vendors charge per-user that can be paid through annual or monthly payments. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about routine maintenance or repairs, as well as effective management of data.

For manual CRM software, you may have to hire a few people dedicated to maintaining the system and resolving issues. In addition, since it is a software, you need to purchase its license, and depending on the developer, may have to renew it every year.

Higher Accessibility

With cloud CRM, it becomes easy to share information and important data. The cloud network allows you to easily connect different departments and employees across large distances using their laptops or handheld devices.

This is especially helpful when making last-minute calls for sales or for closing deals or finding client information on the go. On the other hand, manual CRM software is limited to the workplace only, and can be accessed when users are on premises. However, it does provide greater control over your database.

Data Backup

CRM systems typically handle a large amount of important and confidential customer-related data that should be backed up regularly, and that too at more than one place. Since manual CRM software is installed on your hardware, you may continually face the problem of increasing storage of your system or opt for an external data warehouse for secured data backup. In cloud-based CRM, vendors have cutting-edge systems comprising of huge data storage capacity, and a recovery process in case of data breach or disruption.

Every business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why you should consider your company’s needs when you are choosing between cloud CRM and manual software-based CRM.



What is Cloud CRM?
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