What NOT to do as a Leader of a Team Leadership

First off, no one will hate you because you are the boss. They will, however, hate you if you start acting like you own them. Project management is a big task, and to be a good leader, you have to realize that everyone has shortcomings and everyone is out to be the Alpha, and if you keep a level of balance in the team, not only will they respect you, but they will give it their all to turn that project into a success.
For any new project, there are always risks, and as the project manager, you might feel like it all comes down to you to deal with it, but you need to remember that if you have distributed the work amongst your team efficiently and smartly, then you will have nothing to worry about.
So what are the top three things you should do in project management?
Stop Being the Alpha
The business world is competitive, and everyone is working to be number one, but since you are the number one officially, you are going to be seen as a threat. If you’re part of a group which is friendly and experienced, you will have to deal with some bruised egos from those who wanted to lead. So the best thing to do is show them that you are not a leader, but a worker like them. This does not mean that you should give the clichéd, “I am your friend, not your boss” speech. You will simply have to assign equal work, and not tattle if someone badmouths a higher authority.
Avoid Playing the Blame Game
You are responsible for the project, so any mistakes that happen are on your head. Rather than taking the blame, the worst thing you can do is put the blame on another member of your team. Although the work is divided, you are all working together as one, so if you put the blame of a mistake on the person who did it, in front of the boss, you will still be seen as a traitor. As the leader, you will need to hear about it from your boss, but by taking a step and confronting that mistake in front of the entire team, you’ll show that you have the right idea about having authority on them.
Don’t Hog the Glory
Anyone who has worked in a company has at one time or another, been a part of a project where the leader took away the glory from their team. You want to get ahead, but you can’t do it by stepping on other people’s toes; they will only resent you for it. If someone has done a great job, call them out on it; they will probably like you more after it, and it will also show the bosses that you’re a good leader.
A leader needs to be educated enough in the business field to know how they can turn the project into a success, and by guiding the team the right way, they will be able to work positively while creating a good working atmosphere for themselves and those around them.

What NOT to do as a Leader of a Team
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