What Social Media can Tell You About Your Company (Part 1) Social Media

If you are managing a company, chances are that you’ve read dozens of articles on how you can attract customers by using social media. Whether they’re workshops, Facebook pages or blogs, advice is available everywhere on how you can get a bigger consumer base for your company just by updating your pages, taking feedback and talking to your customers. Here, we’ll dial down the tone and tell you about the small ways through which you can get more info about your services online; as compared to a survey.

Employees on Base

We might be big on getting customer feedback and working on it, but the truth is, we are only working on how the products can become much better so that more people buy it, and what we forget is that the customer’s opinion matters on all counts. An employee isn’t just in the office; they are present in all assigned places, furthering the company’s message.

You see many companies recording their incoming calls so that they can inspect their employee’s behavior, but through social media, they can see how the employees are doing when they are not under their radar. A bus company might catch their hired bus driver being mean to passengers through social media, and by doing so; they can actually work on amending that problem.


Rivals are common when you own a business, and knowing how you can keep them at bay is important. A tactic which is used by many companies is that of creating a rumor. Although this may seem like something you might hear in high school, the consequences of such a rumor can cause a lot of damage to your company’s reputation and profits.

A while ago, a company was hit with a rumor that they were selling their products with packaging which hid a message in the design insulting a faith. The company was very much affected by this rumor and thus, had to give a public statement to make sure that they were not doing anything of the sort. A way by which companies can keep an eye on these rumors is by keeping their feelers out on social media for any and all news regarding the company.

And that’s not all. For more ways on how you can know more about your company, read part 2.

What Social Media can Tell You About Your Company (Part 1)
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