Customer Relationship Management

Business relationships are critical for business growth and survival. Clintra offers a CRM that comprehensively covers all activities related to your interaction with your clients, partners, agents and all other contacts. It helps you build new relationships while brilliantly managing the existing ones.

Manage the Way You Interact

CRM is a complete solution that allows you to expedite your interactions and response time. It provides the tools to create reports, analyze data, import or expert contacts, and create market segments and customer groups based on various factors such as location and preferences. And to make it all as convenient as possible, all the functionality is captured in an interface that is simple interactive and easy to get a hang of.

Initiate Conversations and Collaboration

The CRM is more than a database of your contacts. It actually simplifies the way you contact by providing a stream of actions such as call, notes, and emails. It also offers collaboration and communication options to be used within the team. You can initiate a group chat or conference meetings via CRM.

Integrated Invoice App

Clintra’s CRM is a complete system that manages interaction as well as invoices. It allows you to instantly create custom invoices using the data stored in CRM. The invoices can also be sent to the relevant client and team members. In simpler words, it is the complete solution for maintaining happier clientele and healthier business relationships while ensuring efficiency and productivity.