Why CRM?

  • To make your business more efficient and increase your revenue per employee

  • You need CRM to create repeatable successful processes

  • For competitive advantage in a multi-channel customer environment


  • Clintra CRM is a complete solution that expedites your interactions & response time

  • It provides the tools to create reports, analyse data, import or export contacts, and create market segments & customer groups based on various factors such as location & preferences and thus, creates a multi- channel customer environment & increasing the revenue

  • To make it user friendly, all the functionality is captured in an interface that is interactive and easy to get a hang of:

Benefits of CLINTRA CRM

Components of CLINTRA CRM

Salesforce automation

Workflow automation

Business reporting


Marketing automation

Service automation

Customer service

Lead management

Human resource management system

Modules in Clintra CRM

CRM Dashboard

Monitor Sales, Overall Business Opportunities, Processes, and Performance

Sales Pipeline

Spend Less Time on Administration of Sales and More on Moving Sales Forward


Keep Track of Your Leads and Organize them in Stages


Manage & Organize your Clients’ Contact Details in the Smartest way Possible


Manage Client Organizations Efficiently and have them Organized with Built in Links with other Relevant Records


store all your product information, manage its pricing and perform other related tasks


Best way to create pricebook, for one product or client or for all products or clients. Efficiently manage all pricing options & validity & terms and conditions.


create quotes, streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity

Sales order

track your sales team’s interaction with customers


create an invoice with a business like outlook & manage all related tasks in the best possible way


Customer support management made easy via Clintra CRM services.