Invoice Management

From creation of invoices to tracking of orders, products and sales, Clintra automates all the process for better management and tracking. It ensures accuracy and expedites the process making the information simultaneously available for all the relevant departments and users. With simplified and customizable interface, Clintra introduces a whole new level of efficiency in invoice management.

Integration into CRM

Clintra’s invoice manager is integrated into CRM to allow better management of customers, contacts, clients, resources, and inventory. The invoices can be sent directly to from the CRM to relevant clients. The invoices can also be printed in PDF format.

Keep Track of Transactions

Clintra provides an instant view of transaction and invoice history. You can check the status of current invoices and previous invoices related to a certain product or client. This enables easier and effective reporting at every stage.

Customer Satisfaction

With instant and automated creation of invoices, the project deployment and product delivery process is greatly expedited and improved. You can lower the cost of development and delays. Plus, the better you are able to manage order and invoices, the higher your chance of retaining and maintain a satisfied customer base.