Project Management

Effective project management is crucial for the success of the project at every phase. Clintra ensures that every aspect of project development or deployment is properly manages. From resources to tasks, and from risks to finance, Clintra covers all the areas and centralize all the information critical to effective completion of the project.

Managing Teams and Individuals

From managing individual to team, Clintra breakdown all the major elements that in turn improve efficiency and productivity on a collaborative level. It improves workload management especially if one or more of the resources are unavailable.

Share Files and Project Related Data

Clintra works as a complete information and data sharing platform. Each employee can share files, tasks, discussion, and any kind of relevant data with the team or a selected group of employees. With better communication and collaboration, deadlines are better managed and a plethora of risks can be avoided.

Tracking Project Progress

Clintra allows real-time reporting and tracking so that each individual as well as the whole team is certain about the direction they are heading toward. You can project the time, expense, and resources spent on each task. With a bird eye view of the project, you can ensure a timely completion and satisfactory deployment.