Social Intranet

Clintra allows you to harness the power of social media to encourage stronger communication, better teamwork, and a higher morale through its exclusive social intranet app. The enterprise social networking app enables smoother and effective communication across the enterprise.

Professional Perks and Privileges

What do social media and network offer? For most people it is the fun and excitement of sharing information and the ease of communication. Smart organizations understand the importance of both the elements for successful operations within teams and across several teams and department. Catering to the corporate needs, Clintra serves the same purpose but with a bundle of exclusively enterprise specific features.

The Interface for Your Enterprise

With a user-friendly interface, Clintra is changing the face of enterprise communication networks. You can view the activities of your network and connections through a unified and interactive feed that dynamically updates with every change and addition made by you or any of your connections. Just like your regular social network, you can share, re-share, and like activities and items shared by others.

Settings and Customization

Clintra answers two of the major concerns of social media users – privacy and freedom. With a plethora of customization option, Clintra gives you the freedom to choose how the application behaves and appears. The privacy options are all there to offer you the control over who can view your activities and how they can respond or interact.

With almost everything you expect from a social media, Clintra is offering a lot more to help organizations improve their internal communication and environment. Plus, the positive impact on productivity and efficiency is an added value.