Clintra takes timesheet application to a whole new level of user-friendliness. This is the regular timesheet app made better with more flexible customization options. It allows better management of workload, tasks, and schedules through effective and accurate representation of timing invested by each resource.

View Each and Every Detail

You can view the complete time sheet of a particular employee or colleague, or yourself. The details include Present Days, Absent Days, Leaves, Working Days, Weekly Offs, Official Holidays as well as Regular Working Hours, Total Number of Hours and Over Time.

Control and Manage as You Need

As for customization, you can choose any of the three options that include Auto, Manual, and Semi Auto.

Auto Mode: In this mode, we will integrate with the door access system to track employees in and out. The system will get data from your door access system and create and update the timesheet in real time. The employees never need to log time sheet.

Semi-auto: In semi auto mode, employee will see a check-in button at the top and they can click on it to check-in and check-out. The app then record those times and generate timesheet for that.

Manual mode: In this mode employees will create the whole timesheet manually.

Auto mode is mainly useful for the manufacturing, construction or similar companies where production engineers and contractors are tracked automatically.

Easier Management of Travelling Resources

Integrated in cloud, the timesheet application makes it easier for you to manage travelling resources. If your employees are working from home or are at the client’s office, you can easily enable them to record their working hours.