Slide Clintra is more than just a software, its a completely integrated business management system built with client centered approach so as to meet the needs of each and every business.

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Clintra is Enterprise Management Solution

Developing a Faster Track Towards Future

If your company is aiming for a competitive edge, there is one rule you cannot overlook – you will need to power your processes and resources up with high-end enterprise technology. That is exactly what Clintra is all about.
Clintra is a powerful enterprise management system that allows you to utilize the best of technology and make the most out of your time, tools, and team. It is a complete, comprehensive, and customizable solution designed to fit your specific business needs. Most importantly, it is a solution flexible enough to cater to your changing needs in the future.
Clintra is designed for businesses that understand the need for effective communication and collaboration. It is for businesses that wish to invest in technology that promises better results and revenues. It is for businesses smart enough to aim for long-term and lasting growth — businesses that strive for success and survival regardless of their size and industry.

Facilitating Efficiency through Flexibility

Created by a team of bright minds with years of experience in enterprise management and unparalleled expertise in software development, Clintra brilliantly distinguishes itself on many grounds. It is not a generic run-of-the-mill CRM. It is, in fact, a suite with a multitude of applications covering major business aspects, ranging from accounts and finance to projects and marketing.
What truly sets it apart is the flexibility and freedom to streamline and customize functionality right according to your specific business needs and goals.

Ensuring Increased Customer Satisfaction and Sales

Clintra provides an integrated, transparent and efficient system to manage your projects, sales, clients, prospects, and contacts. From keeping track of your orders and stock to effectively handling projects and invoices, Clintra delivers a difference with traceable and tangible results. It provides you a clear and unbiased insight into your target market and real-time understanding of your customer’s needs and requirements.
What you get are better sales, more repeat customers, and a new level of customer satisfaction. Agile, efficient, and flexible – Clintra is bound to set your business on an expedited journey towards its goal. Enhancing all the major aspects of your enterprise, Clintra will boost productivity, performance, and in turn, profitability for your business..

Driving Success through Social Collaboration

It is a state-of-the-art cloud-based management suite that mimics the social media platform in order to take user experience, productivity, and teamwork to a whole new level. Clintra has an innate social intranet infrastructure that ensures collaboration and communication at every level. While it strengthens the existing communication channels, it also helps you identify new collaboration opportunities.
The collaboration and communication capabilities of Clintra are based on the understanding of modern business needs. Not only does it connect your team with the clients but also with remote employees working away from the office.